Tips For Stress and Tech-Free Environment With A Modern Flair

The terms anxiety and depression have become everyday impressions and get thrown around a lot these days. I am not going to lie, I have to say that, I, have been in denial and used to be dismissive and usher my thoughts that all these symptoms like shortness of breath and irregular sleep cycles are nothing just a coincidence.

But, soon, the perpetual cycle of insomnia and nervousness begin to take hold of me. It all comes without a proper indication, triggering a sudden fear and anxiety whenever I board a plane or go to a cinema to enjoy a movie, the abrupt sense of claustrophobia hits the spot and there you go!

Once it all started then there is no escape for it. Especially when you are an employee, the need to de-stress could be overwhelming at times. There are plenty of remedies that every other person tosses at you for getting rid of this feeling. Like reducing the consumption of caffeine, trying meditation, and all that.

But frankly, these only helped me to some extent. Plus, when you come back home all tired, you don’t have much energy left to spend on self-care. We just want peace, that comes in handy.  One of my therapists said that the environment of our houses has a positive or negative impact on our mental well-being. And I couldn’t help but contemplate the fact that this is it! Because every time you come home, the nice and adequately set ambiance can lift your mood effortlessly.

And then I began to scour more into how can I set my home the way that it can become the ultimate bliss for me. And I swear the satisfaction and sense of joy in setting your things is truly unmatchable. Although it requires some effort, they are worth it!

So, are you among the desperate fellas to find a way to get redemption from the nagging anxiety or simply want to create a de-stress home environment? Then follow this blog and get crucial points to get the magic started!

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Right Light

Getting the right light is very crucial. It can have a drastic effect on your mood. If you have a spacious room and have direct exposure to sunlight then it is a blessing. , not that it is only going to give you an ideal source of light, but will also be an ample provider of Vitamin D serotonin, and melatonin. The happy hormones. But wait, there is a downside of sunlight too, the glare is not beneficial for your health, therefore, make sure to use blinds or sheer curtains to get the right proportion of light to lighten your mood.

Wall Colors

Wall paint is certainly one of the most cheap yet influential ways to change the whole scenario of your home. They tend to lift and aggravate your mood. It is said that colors can relate to your inner emotions and exhibit the same energy as they appear to you at first.

For instance, lighter colors make us feel relaxed and cool, whereas vibrant colors make us feel warm, no matter what the actual temperature of the room is. Therefore colors are what they make you feel at first glance. And muted color palette are great to give you a sense of tranquility. Also, they work best for most of the rooms.

You can go bold and vibrant for some rooms, but getting it done on the whole house would be a stumbling stone.

Sound And Scent

Scents have a magical way of soothing our senses and teleporting us to a new place. It has a certain knot tied to our memories as well. So, play with them and utilize all the good scents that bring out the best in you. Lavenders are especially regarded as more tranquil due to their tendency to rift us into a lush forest where it is all peaceful.

Sounds are regarded in the same way. It can elevate your mood and heal you. Playing good music in your clean and set ambiance can significantly help you cheer up.


Decluttering can have a profound effect on your mental well-being. You cannot thrive in a messy space, to feel organized and calmer, you just need to have a clear and methodical space. Because it is like a snowball effect that only adds up stress and procrastination as the clutter piles up.

So, clear it on hand and make your living space a room to blossom and thrive.

Wrapping Up

These little steps can give you considerable outcomes, and calm your nerves so you may function better and walk in confidence all around, rather than being in a constant dread of falling into the same trap of anguish and despair.

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