AMXR20 Presale: Everything You Need to Know About the AMX Token Launch


The rumor mill has been churning about a possible Amazon cryptocurrency called AMX. This speculation has been fueled by the emergence of the AMXR20 Presale. But is there any truth to these claims, and should you consider participating in the presale?

What is the AMXR20 Presale?

The AMXR20 Presale claims to be an opportunity to purchase AMX tokens before they are officially launched. The website, [] (according to a YouTube video by CoinMarket [YouTube AMXR20]), promises bonuses of up to 200% on your investment during this presale period.

Important Note: There is currently no official confirmation from Amazon about the existence of AMX tokens or the AMXR20 Presale.

Red Flags to Consider

Before diving into any cryptocurrency presale, it’s crucial to be aware of potential red flags. Here are some reasons to be cautious about the AMXR20 Presale:

  • Lack of Official Confirmation: The biggest red flag is the absence of any official announcement from Amazon regarding AMX tokens or the presale.
  • Unfamiliar Website: The website promoting the presale, [], is not a known Amazon domain.
  • Exorbitant Bonuses: Presale bonuses exceeding 100% are uncommon and can be a sign of a scam.

Steps to Take Before Investing

Given the lack of official confirmation and the red flags mentioned above, it’s strongly recommended to exercise extreme caution before investing in the AMXR20 Presale. Here’s what you should do before making any decisions:

  • Do Your Research: Look for any official announcements from Amazon regarding AMX tokens.
  • Review the Website: Research the website promoting the presale and its legitimacy.
  • Compare Presale Offers: Compare the AMXR20 Presale bonus offer with typical presale bonuses in the cryptocurrency market.

Here’s a table summarizing the key points to consider:

FactorAMXR20 PresaleRecommended Action
Official Confirmation from AmazonNoneWait for official announcement from Amazon.
WebsiteUnfamiliar domain ([])Research website legitimacy.
Presale BonusUp to 200%Compare with typical presale offers (usually under 100%).

FAQs about the AMXR20 Presale

Q: Is the AMXR20 Presale legitimate?

A: There is no confirmation of the presale’s legitimacy. It’s best to wait for an official announcement from Amazon before investing.

Q: Is it safe to invest in the AMXR20 Presale?

A: Given the lack of official confirmation and the red flags, it’s not recommended to invest in the AMXR20 Presale at this time.

Q: Where can I find more information about AMX tokens?

A: As of now, there is no reliable information about AMX tokens. Reliable information would come directly from Amazon.


The AMXR20 Presale has sparked interest in a potential Amazon cryptocurrency. However, due to the lack of official confirmation and the presence of red flags, it’s wise to exercise extreme caution.

Always do your research before investing in any cryptocurrency presale. Look for official announcements, research the website promoting the presale, and compare presale offers before making any decisions. Remember, if something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

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