Considering a Merchant Cash Advance with Blursoft? Here’s What You Need to Know

Thinking about a Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) to fund your business? Blursoft is one of many lenders offering this financing option. But before you jump in, it’s crucial to understand how MCAs work, their pros and cons, and specifically what Blursoft offers.

What is a Merchant Cash Advance (MCA)?

An MCA is a short-term funding option for businesses. Instead of a traditional loan with a fixed monthly payment, Blursoft and other MCA providers will advance you a lump sum of cash based on a percentage of your future credit card sales. You then repay the advance, plus fees, with a daily or weekly automatic deduction from your credit card sales.

Here’s a breakdown of the process:

  • You Apply: Provide Blursoft with your business financials, including recent bank statements and credit card processing information.
  • Approval & Advance: If approved, Blursoft will offer you a specific amount of money and repayment terms.
  • Repayment: A percentage of your daily or weekly credit card sales will be automatically deducted until the advance and fees are repaid in full.

Pros and Cons of Merchant Cash Advances


  • Fast Funding: MCAs are often quicker to obtain than traditional loans.
  • Easier Qualification: Even businesses with bad credit may qualify for an MCA.
  • Flexible Use of Funds: You can use the MCA funds for any business purpose.


  • High Costs: MCAs can be expensive with fees that translate to Annual Percentage Rates (APRs) exceeding 300%.
  • Unpredictable Repayments: The amount deducted from your sales fluctuates with your daily income, making budgeting challenging.
  • Debt Trap Potential: If your sales drop, it can be difficult to keep up with repayments, leading to a cycle of debt.

Before considering a Blursoft MCA, weigh the pros and cons carefully to ensure it aligns with your financial situation.

Blursoft vs Traditional Loans: A Quick Comparison

FeatureMerchant Cash Advance (MCA)Traditional Loan
Approval TimeFasterSlower
Credit Score RequirementsMore lenientStricter
Repayment TermsFluctuates with salesFixed monthly payments
CostPotentially higher due to feesLower interest rates

Remember, this is a simplified comparison. Always research specific terms offered by Blursoft and compare them with traditional loan options.

Understanding Blursoft’s MCA Terms

The key to making an informed decision is understanding Blursoft’s specific MCA terms. Here’s what to consider:

  • Factor Rate: This is a multiplier that determines the total cost of the MCA. The higher the factor rate, the more expensive the advance.
  • Repayment Percentage: The percentage of your daily or weekly credit card sales that will be automatically deducted for repayment.
  • Term Length: The overall timeframe to repay the advance and fees in full.

Be sure to ask Blursoft for a clear explanation of all their fees and repayment terms before signing any agreement.

FAQs on Merchant Cash Advances with Blursoft

  • What are the eligibility requirements for a Blursoft MCA? Blursoft likely has minimum monthly credit card processing requirements and may look at your business financials. Contact Blursoft directly for specifics.
  • Can I prepay a Blursoft MCA? Some MCAs allow for early repayment with reduced fees. Check with Blursoft about their prepayment policy.
  • What happens if I can’t repay my Blursoft MCA? Defaulting can damage your credit score and Blursoft may pursue collection actions.


Merchant Cash Advances can be a helpful funding option, but they come with significant costs. Carefully consider your business needs and explore all financing options before deciding if a Blursoft MCA is right for you.


  • Shop around: Compare rates and terms from multiple MCA providers before choosing Blursoft.
  • Read the fine print: Fully understand Blursoft’s contract terms, fees, and repayment structure.
  • Consider alternatives: Explore traditional loans, lines of credit, or business grants before resorting to an MCA.

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