All You Need to Know About Mynced: Plant-Based Meat From Asia

Mynced is a leading plant-based meat company based in Singapore. Founded in 2019, they’ve grown rapidly to become a major player in the alternative protein market across Asia. If you’re curious about plant-based meat options or looking for a more sustainable way to enjoy your favorite dishes, Mynced is a brand worth exploring.

This article dives into everything you need to know about Mynced, from their products and mission to how their plant-based meat compares to traditional meat.

What is Mynced?

Mynced develops plant-based meat alternatives that mimic the taste, texture, and versatility of real meat. Their products are made from non-GMO soy, peas, and other plant-based ingredients.

Mynced’s mission is to create delicious and sustainable plant-based meat options that are accessible to everyone in Asia. They believe that plant-based meat can play a significant role in reducing our reliance on animal agriculture and creating a more sustainable food system.

Mynced Products

Mynced currently offers a variety of plant-based meat products, including:

  • Mynced Ground “Meat” – This versatile base can be used to make dishes like bolognese sauce, tacos, or even dumplings.
  • Mynced Chicken “Fillets” – These breaded “fillets” are perfect for sandwiches, salads, or nuggets.
  • Mynced “Pork” Luncheon Meat – Enjoy a plant-based version of this classic Asian staple.

Mynced is constantly innovating and expanding its product line, so be sure to check its website for the latest offerings.

How Does Mynced Compare to Traditional Meat?

Here’s a table comparing some key aspects of Mynced plant-based meat and traditional meat:

FeatureMynced Plant-Based MeatTraditional Meat
IngredientsSoy, peas, plant-based oilsMeat from animals
Cholesterol0 mgVaries depending on the cut
Saturated FatLowerVaries depending on cut
SustainabilityMore sustainableLess sustainable

Here are some additional benefits of choosing Mynced plant-based meat:

  • No antibiotics or hormones are used in the production process.
  • Lower environmental impact compared to traditional meat production.
  • Potential health benefits due to lower saturated fat content.

How to Cook with Mynced

Mynced products are designed to be easy to cook and use in your favorite recipes. Here are some general tips:

  • Follow the cooking instructions on the package for best results.
  • Mynced ground “meat” can be browned in a pan like traditional ground meat.
  • Mynced “chicken fillets” can be baked, pan-fried, or air-fried.
  • Mynced “pork” luncheon meat can be sliced and added to soups, stir-fries, or enjoyed on its own.

Here are some recipe ideas to get you started:

  • Mynced Bolognese Sauce – A delicious and sustainable take on a classic pasta dish.
  • Mynced Tacos – Fill your tacos with flavorful Mynced ground “meat” for a satisfying plant-based meal.
  • Mynced Dumplings – Enjoy the taste and texture of traditional dumplings with a plant-based twist.

Mynced FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions about Mynced:

  • Are Mynced products vegan? Yes, all Mynced products are currently vegan.
  • Where can I buy Mynced products? Mynced products are available in select supermarkets and online retailers across Asia.
  • How much do Mynced products cost? The price of Mynced products can vary depending on the location and retailer. However, they are generally priced competitively with other plant-based meat options.
  • Are Mynced products healthy? Mynced products are a good source of protein and are lower in saturated fat than traditional meat. However, it’s always best to check the nutrition label and consume them as part of a balanced diet.


Mynced is a leading plant-based meat company offering delicious and sustainable alternatives to traditional meat. Their products are made with high-quality ingredients and are perfect for those looking to reduce their environmental impact or enjoy a more plant-based diet. With its commitment to innovation and accessibility, Mynced is helping to shape the future of food in Asia.

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